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Is there any way my app works in the background or standby?

I have a food delivery app, restaurants need to receive notifications with a sound that draws attention when an order is received, I managed to do it but when the user is not with the window in focus he doesn’t receive the notifications, to some way to keep the application working even with the screen locked?


This is quite tricky, but I believe it can be done with using backend Database triggers and push notifications.

The relative idea being the Database Trigger will monitor for a change in data, such as an order being marked delivered in the database, then it will fire off a push notification to everyone that needs to be notified.

The good thing about push notifications (use OneSignal to power that) is that they work when the app/website is inactive. Combine that with database triggers that also work when the app/window is not active and that should be your solution.

Does that help?

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So in the case I already use push notifications, the problem is the sound they emit, the sound is standard on the device, sometimes it goes unnoticed for the restaurant, I’ll give one more research a lot more thank you very much for your attention!

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No problem! It’s hard to change the notification sound, especially for iOS if you are building on mobile. But it can be done - I use a number of apps that have a different push notification sound for different actions.

How did you change the sound?? :slight_smile:

Sorry to clarify, I haven’t done that myself. I just know it’s possible, because I’ve used apps that have changed the sound (I can’t remember any off the top of my head on Bubble, but Monzo for example has a different push notification sound.).

It probably warrants more research, maybe @gaurav who works on the BDK native project has an idea?

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