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Is there any way to access Schedule Workflows in the log?

Hello everyone. I was hoping to build out a page within my admin dashboard to manage scheduled workflows in my app. It would be easier to use a custom dashboard in comparison with the “scheduler” page of the logs tab.

I know that I can “cancel a scheduled workflow” if I save its ID. However, is there anyway to just access the workflow and present its name, parameters, scheduled date, “created by”, etc? Is there a “Do search for” schedule workflow option? I think this would allow me to more readily manage my backend.

Thank you in advance for any insights!

The workflow to schedule a backend api on itself generates a unique id which you can reference in the steps ahead on the workflows.

The ID allows you to cancel it at any time prior.

As mentioned above, I am aware of the ability to access workflow ID and cancel it. I am asking if it possible to return the workflow details using that ID in order to display them in a dashboard.