Is there any way to create custom components?

I am trying to create an app that requires several extremely similar construction, but they still need to be able to be modified independently once created, so the reusable elements won’t really work all that well since they modify all instances when changed. A kind of prefab system like the provided ‘components’ menu is perfect, but the kind of structure I need is relatively specific and is not in the limited list of components available. is there any way to create a custom component like this? That is, a way to create a reusable prefab that can be edited on a per instance basis?

Thank you all in advance.


Great question! One option is as @artemzheg suggested - create a reusable element as your base template, and then detach the reusable element on the canvas to make the necessary tweaks. This will remove the relationship with the original reusable element though, which means updates to the original will not propagate to any instances.

That being said, we will be releasing the ability to add custom properties to reusable elements soon which will allow you to specify different parameters which should allow you to make customizations at the instance level without removing the parent/child relationship.


Multiple parameters where we can pass through dynamic values per instance of the reusable element?? (Like multiple data sources basically?)

Right now if we need to customize the inside of a reusable we have to trigger an action to set all the states we want on the reusable, but sometimes it’s not possible if its buried in a RG cell, etc.


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Correct :slight_smile:


How far? I’d love this now :joy:

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Hey @nick.carroll was there any timeframe for this feature? Sounds very useful…

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