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Is there any way to do for each condition for Multi-File Uploader files?

Hi All,

My goal is to upload multiple files using Multi-File Uploader and each file URLs need to be updated to the table cell.

Step 1 : Multi-File Uploader Dropzone Plugin installed. - Works
Step 2 : I have created a workflow with the button. - Works

The Problem in my workflow : I am trying to match the filename with the Employee ID (Emp ID)

While I am uploading a single file (Only one file using Multi-File) the condition works well and the URLs getting updated to the table cell (Re url)

But when I am trying to upload multiple files and looking to workflow, It won’t work
I know the reason :

File Condition is :

Single file Example:
Emp id = “789.pdf” is works

Multi-file Example:

Emp id = “789.pdf, 456.pdf, 123.pdf” is not working

Kindly help to achieve the workflow or any other suggestion to complete this…

Many Thanks…

Hi @venkat1,

Let’s take a close look to the problem. When doing a search for a list in the Bubble database with a constraint, this constraint is applied for all the data. In you example, it means that all the returned objects should meet the requirement "emp ID contains ‘123.pdf, 456.pdf …’ ". However you’d like to apply the rule for each item meaning : look for the item with the rule “emp ID contains ‘123.pdf’” then look for the item with the rule “emp ID contains ‘456.pdf’” and so on. This in only possible by using a recursive process.

So the solution I can suggest is that you use a “Schedule API Worflow on a list” action to achieve this behavior. This means you have to create a backend workflow which will update your data 1 by 1.

Following are a couple of screenshots on how you could do it.




Hi @arthur.kieffer,

Thank you so much, It works :sunglasses:

I exactly have a same question and I think I understand your instruction.

I tried to do the same but It does not record data. I thought file type might be an issue (I reckon that there are file, image and file url). I tried all 3 possibilities but still it doesn’t work.

It would be so helpful if you can check my logic and point out errors…

Thank you!