Is there any way to duplicate a page, but clear ALL default field values etc?

Figure I should just ask as one issue I keep having is when cloning pages. For example, I’ll spend hours designing one page getting it all perfect which will show lists of related repeating groups, lots of fields that all have default or initial values, popups that do things and so on. I’ll then want to make a page for a different entity but have it use this same page layout, so I click to create a new page, and say to use the first page as the one to clone. The problem is as soon as you go in and change the “type of content” on the page or in a group, all the fields break because their default values are all for the old page.

Is there any way to clone a page but have all workflows, all default or initial values, content types etc completely wiped, so that I can just use it as a base to do this page, vs every time I create a new page having it then say 170 errors? Or if not, is there any way to copy a field or a group of fields but paste them blank without and conditional formatting, initial content etc?

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Can you clarify what you mean by a different “entity”?

I don’t know what they are called in the Bubble world but entity like a table I guess? Or Data Type is it that you call it? Like these:

So if I make a page for the Audit_Building one that has 30 fields on it, repeating groups, etc, I want to then use that same page layout for Audit_Company but of course change each of the fields to show those from now Audit_Company and so on. When you create a new page it asks if you want to use one to duplicate it from, so if you pick Audit_Building it works fine, but as soon as you change the “type of content” on the page from Audit_Building to Audit_Company now boom 170 errors pop up since every field, default value, conditional formatting etc are all for Audit_Building. So I just find the whole feature to create a new page based off another one kind of useless as it’s almost faster to make a page from scratch by the time you go through clearing every single error that comes up from cloning the page.

I’m having a hard time imagining how you could use the exact same layout for pages that display different data types but in any case, yeah, if a repeating group on page 1 is set to a data source of Current Page’s Building and you clone the page but change it’s Thing to Company, all of your references to the Current Page’s Thing are going to “break”. However, you may be surprised at how quickly you can clean that up. I’ve found that fixing one element will often clear up 2 or more errors.

So what do you do then if you’re building an application with 30+ pages on it where they are all 90-95% the same? You build every single one of them by scratch? That just seems silly. Not sure how you can say you have a hard time imagining how I could use the same layout. It’s not 100% the same but probably 85-90% is, so cloning it always makes more sense then deleting the fields you don’t want, vs starting it all from scratch.

Here’s a screenshot of one page for Opportunity:

When I want to make another page for say Quotes, there’s no point in making this all from scratch as this took hours to do. There’s several fields on the page that can all just be changed from ones for Opportunity to ones for Quotes and so on. This is used as a CRM so almost all pages are going to have the same layout, which is a collection of fields at the top, a progress bar at the very top, menu on the left, and then several repeating groups down below. If I clone this page right now to a new one and change it from Opportunity type to Quotes it has 357 errors that now come up as every field has several conditional formatting on it and so on.

I think I’m decent at Bubble and was trying to dive into the forum and give back some support that I received when I first started my app, but perhaps someone else will have a better solution for you. Good luck!