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Is there any way to make something move if something is false

For example, I’m trying to make a badge or Icon system for my website and I want a badge to move one way when another badge is not true

For example:
Staff = No
Contributor = yes

the contributor will move to replace the staff badge if it isn’t there and then if there is two badges enabled the staff badge will go beside it.

If I understand the question correctly, I think you’re asking if you can collapse the width of an element when it’s not visible…

The short answer is it’s not possible with the legacy responsive engine, but perfectly doable, and very simple, with the new responsive engine.

So if you’re using the old engine, there are a couple of workarounds - one would be to use some custom CSS (search the forum for ideas), the other way is to use a repeating group to display the badges.

If you’re using the new responsive engine then it’s as simple as checking the ‘Collapse when hidden’ box on the element (assuming your container element is set up as a row).

If you’re original question was more about collapsing height, then that’s possible in the old engine - just check the collapse height when hidden box.


Hey, adam.

You are on the correct lines.
A bit of simplifying needs to be done for me to understand a bit more of what your saying…

As in the responsive engine is there just a box I need to tick on one of the icons to make it hide the box and make the icon move?

or is there more to it?

Yes, that’s all you need to do:


Hey, adam

I’ve found out this and have used it, it has helped me a ton with this icon system.
Appreciate your help.

Have a amazing week!

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