Is there anyway I can upload and show a 360º picture in my app

Hey, fellows.

I’m creating an online marketplace, and want to upload 360º pictures for my users to see in my app.

I’m aware that the bubble’s image uploader/displayer isn’t the most advanced feature in the platform, but I really want to show this feature in my app.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

There are a bunch of sites that host 360 images then you can get a html code and put that on Bubble, that would be the easiest way to do it.

While there isn’t another way, this one can be a good solution.

Thank you very much @lester.

Do you have any sugestions for a site that hosts 360º images?

I have not used any website to host 360 images. Here one that has free hosting that will give you 2 lines of code that you can embed on a website.

Hey, I’ve just released a free plugin for displaying 360° images. Check it out:

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Hi, thanks for making this plugin! I’m using it in my app, but when I upload a pic from the Essential’s 360 camera, it gives this:

Can this be fixed?

Could you also make a forum topic for this plugin to let bubble users provide feedback?

I noticed that 360 images can be viewed based on the orientation of the phone. Would a bubble plugin that reads the phone’s orientation only be difficult to make?

Thanks again!

That’s a limitation in WebGL, unfortunately, not the plugin or pannellum, so not really fixable. It depends on your browser / device / graphics driver combination what the max size supported is:

Safest bet is to use 4096px x 4096px max on mobile devices, which is supported by 99.9% of devices.

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