Is there anyway to remove the User's uploaded PDF and not just the field?

  1. A User uploads a PDF. It’s field shows mypdf.pdf in one of the Bubble database tables.

It looks like ‘delete uploaded file’ only removes that field from the table but the PDF is still in storage and available at its URL.

Other advice here suggests to upload a blank image for images because you can’t delete uploaded files, only replace them. Will I need to upload a blank PDF and then delete the field just to be sure that if URL is accessed, PDF content is not available?

I can’t find anything in the reference docs about what ‘:saved to s3’ means. If I do ‘delete uploaded file:saved to s3’ does that do anything extra (tried it, it doesn’t delete PDF)?

  1. If User deletes the field and hence the URL is not accessible in Bubble anymore, is there any way to still replace the file so it is never seen?
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