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Is there Bubble help for dummies like me?

I’ve come to a complete road block in building my app because I can’t get to grips in any way with linking up elements & content to data (in all aspects of). I’ve studied courses and watched no end of YouTube videos but it isn’t sinking in.

Either I’m super thick or this most critical part of building on Bubble is inadequetely explained - with, of course, the exception of getting very generous help on this forum!

If anyone knows of a source of learning for people like me who are struggling (dummies), which doesn’t cost multiple hundreds of pounds, then that would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks.

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Hello @martin.boronte ,

Maybe not quite what you were looking for, but that’s how I learned: when I saw something in a template that I didn’t understand how to do, I would download it and examine how it was built.

While this contributed to my learning, it also enabled me to see many alternative methods.

For example, the answer to the question you asked in the above post is in this template, with a slight difference. It just doesn’t send any data from within the Repeating Group. Whether it is RG or any other data container, there is no difference. If in RG you use “Current Cells Thing”, if you are sending parent group data you use “Parent Group Things”. Or you use the name of that container, the data you associate with the container.

I shared the relevant page of the relevant template. Please check the Send data to page action. It sends a user’s data to another page. And there is much more in this template. Once you download the template the editor will be at hand, you will be able to see how a lot of things are built. Yes, it’s free!

If you have more questions about workflows in the template, please send them to us under this post. We try to be as helpful as possible.


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Eren’s comment about reverse engineering any of the Bubble copycat apps does make sense.

Here’s a few resources I found helpful.
Udemy Courses:

Online Resources:


Thanks @eren …very kind of you again.

I’m still trying to get my ahead around the info you sent - I may be some time! :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m keen to avoid using templates and instead I’d like to build the app from scratch. Not sure if that’s of any relevance and I’m missing the point!?

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Thanks @thinkjon for kindly providing that info!

I might be being negative, but I’m not sure I’m going to be lucky enough to find an app that does what I’m looking to achieve, and then to reverse engineer it. It’s certainly an area I will look into though.

Naturally, I’d much prefer being at a point where I understand the processess myself without having to resort to examining similar apps for technical inspiration, but of course beggars can’t be choosers.

I completed John Gregory’s course (who btw is an excellent teacher) but, sadly, I came out of it with the feeling that I didn’t really undersand half of what I was being taught, despite ultimately (and this time luckily) producing a fairly acceptable replica of his work.

…I might give Henry Legge “a go” to see if that sparks anything in my ageing brain :slight_smile:

All the best

It’s late in my country. I cannot give a full explanation. But unfortunately yes, you are missing the point.

Tomorrow I will try to explain in detail what it will actually have.


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You may want to consider how to learn programming basics first and ask those types of questions

what is data binding, how do i do it and why is it helpful

how to do perform a looped operation

how can i create, read, update, and delete information in my DB

how can i store temporary information that i may only need on this page for this users session only

sometimes its easier to think of an idea like, how would i rebuild calendly, youtube, twitter, etc.


Thanks @jared.gibb

Thanks @eren

Hey @martin.boronte :wave:

You aren’t alone! Many struggle with it in the beginning. It’s a steep learning curve.

Maybe getting a live coach for an hour to just ask all the questions you need, to get you over the steep learning curve, might help.

Check out the Bubble coaching page: Coaching | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:


Thanks @J805

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Hi @martin.boronte , I said I was going to write yesterday but due to Product Hunt launch I couldn’t do it, sorry.

I told you it was the point you missed. Please read the post below, I’ve expanded a bit more on what I mean.


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Thanks @eren …will take a look!

All the best

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Hi @martin.boronte. I too, had struggled with this. Being non-technical, it took me a while to wrap my head around some these concepts, and I’m far from an expert by any standard.

This is basic look at how I setup my links between data types. I’d be happy to go over it with you. I can definitely identify with your struggle.

Thanks very much @ericm

Thanks @eren kind of you!

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Checkout Airdev’s free bootcamp

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Thanks very much @nandyuiux …kind of you

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