Is there no way to manually save? I'm on Ethernet and it constantly just says "Saving..." and I lose all my work

This happens daily. I’m on Chrome for Mac, on a 100/100 fibre connection on Ethernet. I will be working on a page doing a ton of work on it for 30 minutes or so, and then I notice that undo doesn’t work, and the top says “Saving…” and if I preview the page none of my changes are there. If I switch to other editor pages they all just say “Saving…” Then if I refresh the page it pops up saying you’ll lose all your work that hasn’t been saved (yet there’s no way TO SAVE IT!). You refresh and sure enough it’s all gone, 30 minutes of work gone.


Is there no way to force it to save? Or is that just how it works, you lose everything you’ve been working on because this system doesn’t save anything automatically like it’s supposed to? I tried using my PC and it has the same issue.

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