Is there no way to view all records under the App Data tab?

In my one data type, comp payments, I have 6000+ records on there. Each has a statement number on it which increments. I’m trying to find out what the most recent is, but it always opens and says “6125 entries (displaying 50)”. I then have to click “Load 50 more items…” at the bottom of the screen over and over and over again until all 6125 are shown. Is there no way to view all of them right away as this takes forever.

I don’t know of a way within the editor aside from, as you mentioned, banging on the “Load 50 more items…” button over and over again. You probably know about the Export feature, but you probably also know you have to be on a paid plan to use that feature.

It does seem a bit odd that there is no way to see all of a table’s records right away. I’m guessing it might be one of those cases where there is just enough “pain” involved to get you to consider moving to a paid plan in order to use the Export feature. Oh, and don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining about that because I think it is amazing how much functionality Bubble gives away for free… but they definitely seem to know where the tipping point is to get you to get out the ol’ credit card.

I do have the paid version and can export, but just would be nice to view the data inside Bubble as often I just want to see something quick, and lately CSV export doesn’t even work which Bubble said is a known issue. So have to make a workflow with a button just to export to CSV. So just a lot of steps when being able to click “View All” inside the editor would save so much time.

I definitely agree it would be nice. I wonder if it’s a performance thing… you know, just limiting the chances that way too many people would be hitting “View All” on large tables at the same time.

@lmoreau If you click the header of the column it will toggle through the sort order so you could toggle the sort order on your statement number field to descending and the most recent will be the first record in the list.

That only sorts based on what is visible, so if only 50 records are showing it will only sort by those. So if the highest number statement ID is not part of those first 50 shown, then it wouldn’t display it.

That’s odd. Just double checked on a list of about 500 items and it sorts the entire list. But if that doesn’t work you can always build out a quick admin page in the app to do it as well. I will typically build out an admin area to manage data just because I don’t like dealing with the App Data tab.

It misses values for me, like I have “Payment Status” and there’s values like:

  • Paid in Full
  • Partially Paid
  • Underpaid
  • Overpaid

If the first 50 it shows by default don’t include “Underpaid” for example, clicking the header to sort will only sort by the values shown. I have to click “Show 50 more” until all are visible, then when I click the header it will sort and include Underpaid, etc.

Not a huge deal, I’ve just been exporting to CSV instead and working with the data there as I agree it’s easier than the app data tab!