Is there some kind of limit on the number of days that can be reviewed when it is set to 'before today'?


We are branching the display based on the condition of ‘before today’. It seems that if there is a certain level of openness (how far it is from today), it is not loaded. Is there some kind of limit on the number of days that can be reviewed when it is set to ‘before today’?


This photo is of a project and task management system. It displays projects in a card format. The yellow circle indicates that the task deadline in this project is in the future, shown in yellow. When there is a task with a deadline that is today or earlier, it turns red. The small letters ‘aaa’ are a list of task names assigned to oneself.

When there is a task with a quite early deadline, it doesn’t turn red.

Hi there, @makara… maybe I don’t understand what you mean by ‘before today’, but I assume that means you are setting a condition that says when the task’s deadline is less than the current date/time rounded down to date. If that’s what you are doing, there should be no limit to how far in the past a task’s deadline is where the dot would not turn red. Can you share some screenshots of your condition(s) and maybe the data that is displaying as expected?


Hello. Thank you for your response.
The display conditions for the red dot and color change are as follows:

I would like to display a red dot for tasks with an end date in the past,
that is, a task whose deadline is today or has already passed.

Data Structure



For example, if today is February 11th,
let’s say there’s a product called Sample_A with
tasks called task_A, task_B, and task_C.
The date “2/11” on the right is the end date (deadline of the task).

Task_A is more than a month past the deadline of the task,
task_B is 9 days past,
and task_C has not yet met the deadline of the task.

In this case, I would like to display a red dot.
However, as shown in the image, the red dot is not displayed.
I have set up so that the task name is displayed in small text,
but the characters for task_A to C are not there.
In other words, it is in an unread state.

I assume all of the constraints in your first screenshot are being met? You could try checking Ignore empty constraints just for the heck of it. Oh, and because it is often the issue, I might as well ask if you have checked your privacy rules to see if any of them are getting in the way of the expected behavior?

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I’m sorry, I made a mistake in an unrelated place.
I was managing the task assignee in two fields, “PM user” and “collaborater,”
but I had set up a “Do search for” setting so that tasks that only match one of them wouldn’t be displayed.

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Thank you for your kindness.
Thanks to your help, I was able to find the answer.

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