Is there someone that can help with google login issues?

Hi everyone,
I have been reading for a few weeks, first post.
I’m a bit frustrated.

When I use the “login with google” plugin from bubble on my login page, it opens the google page correctly and then sends me back to my initial login page without executing the rest of the workflow that is : 1. saving the Current user’s google’s data (eg. First name, Last Name, Profile picture) 2. Go to page: Onboarding.

Here is the make change to thing panel (which isn’t working)

Then the go to page thing

My interpretation and attempts:

I have been wrestling with this issue for a while and figured out that I can display the google informations in a text element:

Text: “Current user’s google’s id” “Current user’s google’s first name” and more will show up for different google accounts. But it will not save the data.

Since I can’t save any of the data from google in to my “app data” or orient the user to the onboarding with the integrated workflow (anything after the “login with google” step won’t be acted upon) I can’t make a continuous check for google login to orient the user to the onboarding.

If I can’t save the google data, I would like to at least be able to send them to the onboarding automatically and try to hustle my way to a solution there.

Thank you to anyone who reads this post or is willing to spend some of his time helping.
Also thank you to those who wrote the threads I have been reading thus far.

Problem solved

I’ve done a lot of modifications since that post in October.

I have the same worfklow as the one in the OP.
But I also have a worfklow “when user is logged in” with the action “Go to page”.

@Marty11 Thanks a lot for your answer, I will try this