Is there something wrong with this backend WF or is there something wrong with Bubble?


am trying to run a simple bulk operation with a backend WF which deletes empty entries and afterwards there are still empty entries in the live DB

have i done something wrong or is there something wrong with Bubble…?


Have you tried putting the condition inside delete operation instead?

how do you define itembrand?

thanks, am trying that but the bulk operation is stuck: ‘fetching the list. please wait’ - which probably means it’s bubble

it’s the data type ItemBrand

So the problem is that API executes but doesn’t delete itembrands with empty brandName or API doesn’t execute at all?

How many items are you trying to run this on?

Also… if you’re running this as a bulk operation, you don’t need the condition on the API workflow event…

Just filter your data in a View in the data tab, and run it on that view (that way you won’t be running it on your entire database, only those with the empty field).

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the former - ran it twice ‘successfully’ but it didn’t delete itembrands with empty brandName

but now its stuck (fetching the list. please wait’) so maybe a Bubble thing

only 850, nothing huge

nice one, thanks! never did that before…