Is this a bug? Button with Gradient flashes white instead of a smooth transition

I’m not sure it’s a bug, and want confirmation from the community, if it is:

Conditions to reproduce the bug:

I’ve got a button with a blue background.
On hover, the background is a gradient of two different blues.
On click, the background is a darker blue.

Back ground style: 200ms, Ease

Observed behaviour:
When I mouse hover, I expect the blue to smoothly transition to a gradient.
(Instead, it quickly jumps to the gradient, no transition visible)

When I click and hold the button, I expect the gradient to smoothly transition to a dark blue.
(Instead, it flashes to white, and then to dark blue)

When I un-click and unhover the button, I expect the dark blue to smoothly transition to the default backgroun.
(Instead, it flashes to white and then to default blue).

While this is a small issue, it does prevent me from using gradients to make my buttons look nicer.

I’d appreciate a work-around from any of you wonderful people. If it is a bug, I’d be happy to see it fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you Kindly :slight_smile:

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