Is this a bug with multi-selection dropdown?

Hi Bubblers -

I am building a very simple application and am using the “multi-selection dropdown” plugin. I cannot get the plugin to show the dynamic options I need, but when I run the debugger, the correct options are selected.

What’s your option caption set as?

Thanks for the response! Option caption has nothing right now. Perhaps that is my issue?

Yeah, the caption is empty, so the boxes are also empty. Click on the Option Caption Box and choose Current Text, or something to that effect.

Are you (a) actually trying to just add a list of texts to your form or (b) do you also want to attach the Associated Person?

If a - the source and just be Search for Associated Peoples’s Associated Person, and the Caption can be name.

If b - the Option caption can just be Current Option.

WOW! Thank you so much. I spent hours on that and it was so simple to fix. Thank you very very very much!