Is this a logic problem or bug?

I am building a SaaS app that requires payment for access. It is the basic subscription revenue model.

Initially, I was using Stripe, and it worked really well. Then recently, something happened with Stripe that just made it stop communicating with Bubble and have error after error. It just seemed like their plugin was pushed to the side all of a sudden. So, I switched to PayPal.

My issue
Essentially, I have a yes/no “User” attribute called ‘Paid User’, and once a PayPal Payment is captured this attribute is set to ‘yes’. The purpose of this attribute is to allow access to our software if a user is paid.

When my user logs in, if they are a paid user (yes) , they should go to our dashboard, and if they are not a paid user (no), they should go to the plans page to pay.

Go to dashboard

Go to plans

The issue I am running into is that every time a user logs in, they are still directed to the plans page even if their “paid user” attribute is equal to “yes”.

Is this a logic problem on my part? Or a bug? What steps should I take to correct this?

It definitely seems correct to me…

The only think I can think of that might (possibly) be causing that is that perhaps the ‘go to page’ action is being triggered before the user is logged in, and therefore the conditional is being applied to the anonymous (non-logged in) user and is therefore being classed as ‘Not Paid’.

You could try setting up a custom event for the login action, and trigger that in the workflow before using the go to page actions. That will force the login action to complete before the navigation actions (and conditions) are run.

If that doesn’t work then, assuming the User data is correct, I don’t know what else to suggest other than filing a bug report.

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Issue turned out to be with my privacy rules. The necessary data was unaccessible.

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