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Is This a Possible API Connector Use Case?

I am making:

  • An e-commerce app with some contents management system(CMS)
  • My team uses the CMS to publish products live / handle customer services, etc.
  • Customers can buy products, like any other e-commerce.

I initially thought of having two domains ( and and came across the App Connector. So basically make two bubble apps and read/write data from the admin app.

But then reading the manual, I have a feeling that the connector can only read data from one app to another, and cannot write data? So two questions:

  1. Does it make sense to use App Connector for the above scenario? IF so, which one would better: 1) have something like and allow only my team to access that page or 2) Is one more scalable than the other?
  2. On a more general question, what would be good hypothetical use cases of using App Connector? I see “you can sign up with OAuth with another app, run workflows as the user, etc.” but could you come up with tangible examples?

Any suggestion would be great… Thank you! :slight_smile:

You don’t have DIRECT access to the other apps database (which is a good thing IMHO - D.R.Y) but what you can do is run workflows that change the data.

You might want to look at this… a headless CMS that would give your Team an “out of the box” CMS admin system.

Thanks for quick response!

Yeah, I could run workflows to change the data, but without giving much thought, it seems much simpler to have a subdirectory structure… Contentful sounds nice, I’ll have a deeper look. In the meanwhile, have you used the App Connector? When would be a good use case in your opinion?

I would agree that a sub “app” would be cleaner.

Before moving an MVP to contentful I tried something similar.

The Connector would seem to work well for something which needs both a mobile “app” and a webpage.

Thanks :slight_smile: I really appreciate your help!