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Is this an issue again?

Getting the issue checker showing issue with backend workflow having null parameters.

This was reported months back and I have not seen it for a while, but have got 9 issues showing all the same thing, randomly created empty parameters in backend workflows with null values.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 11.10.31 PM


This was happening to me a while back, and started happening again. Sometimes a bunch show up, and then when I open the editor again, it’s all fine.

The editor has mainly been rock solid for me, but I’m now starting to have a bunch of issues, such as…

  • Working more slowly
  • Copying elements (when you paste, it pastes the wrong element)
  • Being able to open an additional editor tab (is just stuck on loading)
  • When multiple editor tabs were open, sometimes changes were being shown on the tab, but weren’t saved in the app
  • When I copied an element and did corrections to the functions (conditionals, workflows) to get them all hooked up correctly, things weren’t working. I rebuilt them exactly the same, and they worked
  • In my repeating groups, some of the conditionals started acting funky (Keeping something underlined after it’s pressed, even though it’s only underline on hover)

I’ve been able to work around this, and if they persist will file a bug report when I find the time.

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Yes, especially on load

I’ve noticed this too. Mostly when I am working with more than one tab open and assume it is just an issue on my side with tracking if I have copied the element from another tab and in the tab I want to paste into had previously copied an element so it is in the ‘clipboard’ for that tab.

I’ve seen it happen a few times, but not very consistently to file a report on it

Yes, this used to happen all the time and it seemed to go away, but has started to happen again. I feel like I should follow the same advice I give my students and not build in multiple tabs. I typically try to only do it when constructing backend workflows used on a page, or making changes to a reusable element that I am testing on a page.

One of the most annoying bugs that has been cropping up as of late. I filed a bug report but instead of waiting around for a resolution after 3 days I just deleted the expressions and recreated them.

I have just filed a bug report about conditionals getting met that shouldn’t be based on the value of a dropdown element during the ‘input elements value change trigger’. Must be an overall issue with conditionals.

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O also reported this. It was solved for a while but now it appears again. As @ed727 suggested, what I do is close and re-open my editor again…


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