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Is this header "State" even posssible?

This is a header that will be visible on all pages in the app. One part (2 groups over lapping) of the header will change depending on if a user is logged in or out.

I’ve read everything that has come across my screen, watched every video I could find, read every article I could find, tried numerous different ways, but this does not work. In this header, i’m seeking to have the “sign in / Sign out” buttons in their group appear when no user is logged in, and when a user is logged in, it will then show the group with the “drop down and the image square”.

Both of these groups are inside, as you can see form the screen shots, a larger group for the whole header. The rest of THIS group does not change.

I’ve gone through various states / conditions / group combinations…nothing.

Is this even possible? Am I doing something wrong? Everything I’ve done has yielded no success as in responsive mode when toggling, it does nothing.

Set the groups to initially hidden - i.e. make sure the This element is visible on page load property is UNchecked - and then use a Conditional to show each as appropriate (user logged in or not).


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I’ve done that, and it didn’t work. I’ll give it another go later on…
What about the workflow anything special there?

  • Marty

For the functionality you describe, no workflow is needed. Showing or hiding stuff is easy peasy with Conditionals.

Perhaps there’s an issue with the responsive mode toggle. Try actually logging out/in when previewing the page.


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States do not persist across pages. So if you change the page, it won’t “remember” the state. If you need to pass the state to the he page, you can use URL parameters to do so.

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Thanks! This from all accounts is working. I can’t fully check it in preview as I can’t log in and out on this app. That isn’t fully functional yet. However, i can see in the drop down box in the debugger area in preview that the items that are supposed to be hidden…are hidden. As I I’m logged out, that part is visible.


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Good to know! I wasn’t aware of this. But that makes sense given how all the info and tutorials I’ve gone though made total sense, but what i wanted to do, was just not working out.

One (another weak one) question, on your response if i may…you said:

“If you need to pass the state to the he page, you can use URL parameters to do so.”

I think i know what you are talking about, but my mind is being thrown off by ‘URL Parameters’ wording. So, if I have two (or 4, or whatever) pages, and this header is on both, and I want this single header to interact properly with each different page, how would i use URL parameters to do this?

In event, thanks for the knowledge!

  • Marty

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