Is this normal? RepeatingGroup glitchy scrolling on popup?

Hello all! Thank you very much for taking a look at this. I really hope you have some input on this…

I have RepeatingGroup on the homepage and it works perfectly. When you choose an item from the RepeatingGroup, it opens up a popup and displays more pictures of said item in a RepeatingGroup.

The only time the popup RepeatingGroup gets glitchy is with Androids. On desktop and Iphones the Popup RepeatingGroup works perfectly. To explain the glitchyness with the androids, you have to press really hard on the screens to scroll or sometimes it will just stop scrolling all together. I have tested 3 androids and they all do the same thing.
It’s also just the RG on the popup. There are other elements on the popup and you can use those to scroll with no problem what so ever.

Have any of your ran into problem? Do you have any input that may cause this.
Thank you very much in advance!

Pretty sure I figured out the problem.
I had the RG straight on the PopUp. I do believe this is what was causing the hard to scroll problem.
I then put a group on the PopUp and then the RG inside the group and this helped out immensely.