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Is this one of the possible outcomes for Bubble?

I was reading this.

Pixate was featured at the same time as Bubble : Pixate is the world’s first mobile interaction design service that produces native mobile app prototypes on iOS and Android without coding. We just launched today and open to feedback.


*See a kickass product -> Fall in love -> Use it everywhere -> Product get acquired -> Trying to not lose hope and still use the product -> Product closes its doors / stop their support -> See another product *

This would be a nightmare to see on

After its acquisition, Pixate said it would be lowering the cost of its Studio product, making it free to use while “dramatically” reducing the cost of its cloud service. It didn’t disclose any information about shuttering. But fast forward to today and Pixate has reversed its decision.

On October 31, Pixate will terminate its cloud service, and users have until then to back up their files and prototypes. Anything remaining starting November 1 will automatically be deleted, including projects and member and billing information. Pixate Studio will also no longer be available for download; those with existing copies will still be able to use the program, but without any official support from the company. Lastly, all direct support will end, either through email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Any applicable refunds will be provided to those cloud customers with remaining credit.

Will big business take out

Going by their eerily similar Discourse forum and the average views per thread :
They seem to have gotten a lot more users before they got shut down. Doesn’t seem that it matters.

Nothing we can do about it, but it is worrying.

This is something that has been brought up before in other threads. While that would be a scary scenario, I believe Bubble has moved beyond that, judging by the latest moves. The ability for users to extend the ecosystem on their own is monumental in my opinion, as the power of the system is now extended by users without the core Bubble team. This is a win win that provides even more stability. The Bubble team appears to be committed to a vision that goes beyond a get rich quick scheme as well. While you will see many startups come and go, that is the nature of the business, I think Bubble has emerged beyond that murky dead zone and will be around for a long time to come. Plus keep in mind that Bubble has not taken investment, they have no shareholders to answer to them aside from themselves.

A lot of people have invested in their vision through their commitment of time and money. Have a little faith that they will return the favor:)


Facebook actively buys start-ups. Sometimes, they want the staff or the technology. Sometimes they just want to kill something that threatens them.

There is no way for anyone outside Bubble to know its fate. Even the owners don’t know, but at least they have an idea of what they want or would accept. If Google calls and offers 50 mil or whatever, I know I’d sell, and I wouldn’t blame them for doing likewise. Would the buyer want to maintain the product, roll it into something bigger or kill it? No way to know.

This is the risk with all such tools. I’ve decided to take the risk with Bubble, meaning I believe it will survive as a product, whether under current ownership or otherwise. But I know it’s a risk. If my product build is successful and we go commercial, it will be a term of the user agreement that if the underlying platform becomes unavailable or changes dramatically, that my product may shut down. If I’m very successful and there’s enough lead time, I’d have it all re-written in traditional form. Otherwise, not.

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Both @matchen and @Bradluffy bring up great points.

This isn’t the first time you’ve brought this topic up as well. Look, both josh and emmanuel are very well connected. They’re both harvard graduates. I’ve been doing my own digging as well, and I’m positive there is/have been at least a couple of VC’s or their interests sniffing around, either as friends of J&E, or as sharks.

J&E have been working on bubble for over 4 years now. From a startup perspective, that’s a long time. Bubble isn’t listed on angel list or any other VC site AFAIK. A lot of startups aim to sell. Bubble, on the other hand, aims to be what windows was to DOS.

They don’t lack the connections it’d take to sell their stack. Their vision is huge. They make enough as it is to justify the work they put into the platform. If they want to sell, they’ve had enough opportunities.

And then honestly, at the end of the day, bubble is really cool and all, but anything built on bubble could be replicated in any other full stack language relatively easily - especially if you already have a functioning app. If bubble does go down, just hire a developer to copy what you’ve done. If you can’t afford it, then the stability of bubble and your app shouldn’t concern you incredibly much.