Is this PDF maker possible on bubble?

Hi, I hear so many great things about bubble.

Wondering it fits worth trying for something I have an idea for.

For context, my idea essentially already exists at rocket lawyer and legal zoom where you buy custom legal documents. On those platforms you can choose a legal document like a used car purchase contract and to do that you have to fill out a few forms on the site and then boom you get a new contract based on a boilerplate and your answers to the forms.

A few cool features like u can see your document grow in real time as you answer forms. And of course you can pay for it at the end of the session before it lets you download a PDF.


hi there :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community-- everything you mentioned is 100% doable on Bubble. You can even implement the PDF feature without code, using a community plugin. There’s a few that achieve this functionality!

Lmk if you need any help. Good luck building!

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