Is this possible in Bubble? Multiple clickable points on image, manipulate element on an image

Hi all.

I need some help here. I am trying to create a page like the above image, where there are multiple clickable points on an image and are able to manipulate elements in the image (the yellow path and circle).

The idea is when a user completed a milestone, I would like to change the colour of the path and circle to yellow colour, and the user is able to click on the completed milestone (the yellow circle) to view some information.

Is this something achievable in Bubble?

Hey @alex4 !

Could this be a use case for the expanded functionality that I somewhat suggested for one of your plugins?

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Hi @vini_brito !

Do you see a way to use your great Leafy Maps plugin for this use case?

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@cmarchan is this something doable with maps? I am thinking of just using an image that has elements that can be manipulated (.svg image?).


Very difficult. My inclination is that it is not possible.

With an image via building elements on top of it … possibly. Something like this but vertical …

But just too convoluted for my taste …

Hi guys

Have you tried this plug-in

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@contato7 thank you for the suggestion. I guess I am looking for more like a stadium’s interactive seating map, where I have a layout/image of a stadium seating, users can click on each section or block to select seats, and I can show information of the section or colour the section if there is no empty seat anymore.

With sponsoring, yes, both the map and stadium features are possible :blush:
If @faisalkarimstubapp would be up to sponsoring a new feature, then yep, it can happen.

And thanks for the mention! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi @vini_brito . How does this sponsoring work? I have never done it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Sponsoring is about paying the developer for a feature that is added and that enhances an app or in this case … plugin.

Key thing is that all its users benefit, including the sponsor of course :grinning:

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Thank you @cmarchan .

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