Is this possible? Multiple instances, button to change value, daily triggers

Hi everyone, I’m new to bubble, but I’m a hobbyist Google Apps Script developer. I wanted to move away from the ugliness of Google Sheets for quick ui interefaces, but I cannot for the life of me figure out if this is possible using bubble. I’ve been working on it for a few days straight to no avail. This is what I am thinking:

An attendance list where children have 6 different entry times: AM in, AM out, Lunch in, Lunch out, PM in, PM out. I would like button for each time for each child to press that will go through the following steps:

  1. No click means a blank value (button is blank)
  2. First click shows the default time (timestamp for am in, 8:35 (a user setting) for AM out, 12:01 for Lunch in, 12:52 for Lunch out (all of these are customizable in a user settings page), 3:03 for PM in, and timestamp for PM out).
  3. Second click shows the first user customizable code (AB for Absent for example)
  4. Third click shows the second user customizable code (SC for School for example)
  5. The fourth click will either show the third customizable code, or if the code is blank, will reset back to step 0.
  6. will reset back to step 0, if it reaches this step.

I figured that I could use a whole bunch of workflows for each button with custom states, but I don’t know how to default a custom state to what it was last after a person closes and reloads the app, or even just changes the page. The method I have been unsuccessfully working on has nearly 6 dozen variables… and I don’t think that is maintainable.

The second question I have is whether it is possible to have three people logged into the same account, on iPads, all accessing and changing the same attendance list at the same time, seeing changes reflected on each other’s iPads (a collaboration of three different accounts would work as well).

The third question I have is whether it is possible, at the end of the day (6:30pm) every day to take all of the values from the attendance list and save them as entries in a database that can later be edited.

Side note----
I guess if all of the above are possible, I would assume that this would also be possible, but it’s probably worth mentioning that I need to compare the differences between the timestamps of AM in and AM out, Lunch In and Lunch Out, PM in and PM out, (and ignore AB or SC or any other custom codes) and log how much time a child was with us that day. It would also need to find an errors, or (as some children may go all the way from AM in to PM out without logging out again), I would need to check the difference between those two times.
I would need to keep a running total for each month, with the capability of going backwards to change all custom codes.

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