Is this SaaS app idea possible with Bubble?

Hey guys

New to Bubble and I wanted to know if my idea is possible to be created with it…

As a copywriter, I frequently come across landing pages that have interesting copy but when I end up saving the page or bookmarking it, it’s usually a messy process of locally stored HTML’s, PDF’s and so on. Sometimes I’ll come back to a bookmark after a while and the page has gone offline already.

I want to make a tool for copywriters that lets them download and save any interesting landing pages (using the URL) straight to a personal online library. They’d ideally also be able to share their saved pages with friends (like Dropbox for example).

Is it possible to create something like this or should I just figure out how to code it instead?

Any answers are much appreciated!

You’d need to custom code the feature that somehow grabs the web page, in a way it can be properly experienced again in the way you want (navigation included or just a snapshot?), by its URL and saves it somewhere.
That somewhere would be your Bubble app’s database.

Then, everything else can be done with normal Bubble, as it handles all the heavy lifting needed to create and keep a web app online.
Your custom feature would be installed via Bubble’s plugin system.

Before you dive into creating the plugin, you could MVP your swipe file app with just normal Bubble by letting copywriters manually store the page by uploading files into the app (:
Then later improve that by letting them just input the URL.

when a copywriter adds a url, you could request to archive the page . This way the content would be accessible even if the live site goes down. You could then link to the archive page if the live page ever returns a 404.

@vini_brito @theanand

This is great, thank you both for the suggestions!

I think I will use @theanand’s suggestion first for the MVP and then build the plugin later if it takes off.

Thanks again guys, really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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