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Is This The Correct Process To Hide The Login/Signup Buttons For Logged In Users?

Wondering what the best approach is for displaying different header menu items for people who are logged in vs. logged out?

If they are logged out they should see signup/login buttons in the header (header A)

If they are logged in they should see account profile options to bring up their account details page, a log out button etc. (header b)

How should I approach this exactly? Should I create a Header B and have it SHOW only if the Current User Is Logged In and have it overlap header A so that the login/sign up buttons are effectively hidden?

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Different pages can have differences headers/footers.
You can add elements in a header/footer that has the condition of been visible if the user is logged in/out.


Yes, I would make the individual elements show/hide conditionally in a single header.

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