Is using "schedule api workflow" possible with template plan?

Hi everyone!

I noticed that with creating template it possible to “Enable workflow api and backend workflows” and to add “schedule api workflow” action without asking for upgrading, but when I trigger this action the “Api workflow” does not work as if it does not exist, so what did I miss?

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Hi there!

I appreciate you bringing up this topic. From my experience, I’ve found that simple API workflows work fairly well without the need to upgrade. I actually utilized this method in one of my plugin tutorials, where I stored dummy data to the database. Here’s the link to the video if you’re interested in checking it out.

However, I haven’t extensively used the “schedule API workflow” action myself, so there might be differences or specific requirements that I’m not aware of. If anyone else in the community has insights or experiences to share regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Let’s keep exploring and learning together. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences and learning from each other!

Best regards.