Is ziggeo free for use?

is ziggeo free for use?

Yes, for an initial 100 minutes video.

After that it is paid.

Actually it is free for a bit more than 100 minutes and some of those are per month, it would just take a lot of space to explain that on our pricing page :wink:

These are the current details for free plans:

  1. You can have up to 100 videos or up to 6000 minutes of videos at any point in time. You can of course get back some of that by removing some videos already in your account.
  • so you can not create 101st video, however if you reach 100, remove 10, you can record another 10 videos.
  1. You get 200 minutes of recording and 1000 minutes of playback for each month
  • so every 1st of the month these counters get reset and you again have 200 and 1000 respectively.

If you need more than that then you can of course upgrade your plan at any point, if not, you can stay on the free plan.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: