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IsInitialized property and Initialized event for Initializable Elements

Any elements that are Initializable (have an Initial value property) should have an IsInitialized boolean property and an IsInitialized event in my opinion

That way I could do other follow up actions once the dynamically calculated initial value of an element has been calculated and populated

Could else call this IsLoaded and have a Loaded event to keep the same semantics that Repeating Group has. Btw, not sure when Repeating Group sends the Loaded event, when it receives its data, or when it has prepared & shown all its cells? (and they bound to data ok)

Having such an infrastructure, one could also then have an IsLoaded property and a Loaded event for the page itself that activates when all Initializable (or if you prefer Loadable) elements have raised their events. Practically it’s like listening for each such child’s Loaded event and having a condition (guard) on it that does the AND of all IsLoaded properties. So the last one loaded will activate its event and pass the guarding condition. Probably internally Bubble could implement it more efficiently, but the thing is one could implement it in their app too if they don’t have many Loadable items they use or care about before they consider their page Loaded (say to stop some loading animation and/or hide some popup translucent overlay that prevents the user to mess up with the UI elements before data is fetched (especially on slower connections) and loaded to them

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second this !