[ Isn't live version is "no" ] <— what's up with this double negative 4D chess matrix inception backflipping wording?


Me trying to figure out if the condition is true or not:

We need to improve this wording @allenyang and team.


I’m glad I’m not the only one😂

+1 definitely, definitely…

Ha! yes! Every time I have to double check the logic!


Yes needs changing. Plain and simple.

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@NigelG told me it’s to do with multi version in that it can be misleading when you have multiple live versions.

I would have felt that in that case it could have been “is version-test”


That can’t work, since there could be several different development versions. Only the Live one matters.

And the negation inherits from the old " Is developement version", before the branchs feature was released, to do not break anything.


Interesting take. But why in negative?
Couldn’t this work just as well, and with less confusion, with “Is Live Version”

It’s the “isn’t” that get’s me!

You’d have to change a lot of conditions for that, because people have previously used Is Dev Version. They’d have to change all their conditions. It’s much more stress-free to just use “Isn’t live version”. I always read it as “Is Development Version” to make it much easier.

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+1 and laughing out loud here :joy::joy:

That does make it a lot easier :slight_smile:

The problem is that it is really “one of the Development Versions” as you can a lot of versions now.

A number of Plugins had fallen foul of this and assumed that if the version was not “Development” then it must be Live.

But yes, without rewriting all the conditions, it would not be possible to just swap Yes <> No.

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