ISO Format Question

I’m trying to set a time range within a FULL DAY to capture all day events in a google calendar search. I’m SO close, I just can’t figure out the .xxxZ part. Does anyone know ISO well?



Why do you have to do the find and replace? I did some testing of free/busy the other day and just using :formatted as to ISO was enough to get results back just fine.

I’m using these texts for time in google calendar. They have to be in +00:00 format.

Are you saying the testing you did was in google calendar? I read somewhere else that it should be in this format. Thanks!

P.S. - I’m trying to change current date/time milliseconds to 0 so that it doesn’t go narrower than a true full day.

I don’t recall ever having the option of milliseconds when scheduling in Google calendar.

Yes, this works for a Google calendar free/busy api call:

Thanks, I’ll try again!