ISO: Hourly rate expert/consultant/mentor

Hi Bubblers - I’ve been working on my Bubble project for a little over a year now and while it’s going well, I have a collection of questions I haven’t been able to find (enough) help with on the forum or elsewhere. I would have preferred to work with Gaby/Coaching No Code apps (their training and forum participation is solid) but they no longer do hourly consulting, and aren’t recommending anyone for this (missed opportunity maybe). Copilot probably won’t work (though I have no experience working with them some people have very strong negative opinions about them on the forum), and neither will Zeroqode (some plugins have been buggy). I don’t need a large team – or a team of any sort – just someone who I can establish a long-term working relationship with and consult with on an hourly basis when I get stuck with questions. Ideally this person gets to know the structure of my app and is able to use that knowledge to assist when I run into problems. I’d love someone to also do a “code review” of my app, I’m sure I’m doing some redundant/slow performant stuff in my blind spots. It’s not a large time commitment – just a few hours a month. This might be perfect for an advanced Bubbler who is working on their own project but wants to earn some money on the side. I am happy to pay for access to expertise. I’m NOT looking for help getting started - ball is already rolling ; ).

ISO someone with intermediate-to-advanced knowledge of the Bubble platform and plugins and ideally javascript, html, Full Calendar and APIs.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Hi @jdubbya

I’ve sent a message via PM.


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You can PM me a link to the runtime of your dev version and I’ll let you know what I think.