⚡️ ISO URGENT 1:1 shadowing sessions - Cohort 6 founder with experience on figma

Hola! My name is Alejandra, and I’m a founder part of Cohort 6 in Immerse. I need volunteers to help me build my app on Bubble from Figma, shadowing style. I can execute easily if given the right instructions.

You can find about Cohort 6 here. I am building a social app to match roommates, which in the future wants to expand in inclusivity further down the road. The app wants to support folks that are going through difficult transitions, such as divorce, elder widows, layoffs, and immigration. But for now, it will kick off for digital nomads and seasonal workers who are financially active. You can see the hi-fi prototype mock-up here.

About my challenge
I’ve been facing health challenges and hyper demands at another full-time job that are out of my current scope that has me behind in building from Figma to Bubble.io, but my features are very defined. I have a first iteration on Figma that needs to be basically copied with some upgrades. The upgrades do not alter the basic DNA of the first iteration. I have financial and health limitations at the moment, so I was hoping that I could find volunteers to help me with shadowing sessions to complete the program successfully, and not miss out on this amazing opportunity:
A) For fast production: Use the plugin to copy Figma designs into Bubble and help with organizing it.
B) Regular built.

My data types are getting to a good place. If the app makes it further, I’d be happy to share some equity, or payback in the future. I’m definitely in URGENT support to be able to speed up this and be able to have a shot to participate in Demo Day. I’m available during evenings Eastern Time. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your wonderful help! Here is my LinkedIn:
www.linkedin.com/in/anieblas ](http://www.linkedin.com/in/anieblas
Email directly: andalenie@gmail.com

Thanks for your help, gracias! I look forward to hearing from you. Be my angel! :innocent: :angel: