Isolate entries by month

I have a form where users put in a number entry. I am attempting to display an average of those entries isolating each month. I have this working for February and it displays as expected. When I change the date range for January dates it combines January and February. I have not been able to isolate just the January entries successfully.

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 11.41.05 AM

The way I am isolating the dates may seem odd but it is how I’ve been able to get it to work. If there is any guidance on another way to successfully achieve this result I would be appreciative of feedback.

If interested, I’m available to talk through your problem live (am currently hosting free office hours - see here). In any case, when filtering for a month, have you tried adding 2 filters:

  1. One for entries Created Date after the start of the month of interest, and a second for
  2. entries Created Date before the start of the month after the month of interest

? I’m only seeing the one date filter in your screenshot

It is very odd. I used the method you suggested between the dates of Jan 01 and Jan 31 and it provided the same incorrect results combining Jan and Feb.

I switched the dates to be between Dec 31 2021 and Feb 01 2022 and I got what was expected.

Nice, sounds like you got your solution?

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