Issue checker is wrong

1/ The issue checker returns an issue that says “When page is loaded…: Only when condition should be yes / no but right now it is a empty”.
2/ And yet, the only when condition that I inputted “popup_client_reusable’s client_type is company” should indeed evaluate to yes/no

3/ Note that the only when condition is checking whether the state “client_type” which is set on the reusable element "popup_client_reusable " is “company”.
4/ Note that The “client_type” state is of type option set “client_type_option_set” and it was previously of type text. I suspect that my changing the type of that state is causing the issue.

Why is the issue checker returning issues when it should not?
Thank you

You’ve answered your own question:

Try clearing browser caches, or clear the expression and rebuild it. Also report the bug at Bug Report | Bubble

I already (i) had cleared the cache, (ii) had rebuilt the expression, (iii) had tried to revert to where I was previously prior to the changes, i.e. rebuild everything with an option set that is of type text.

But the issue checker would still return an issue. Actually even if I delete the WF step that is causing the issue, the issue checker still returns an issue, which is really strange

Looks like my issue was a bug. I had to completely delete the entire workflow (not just the workflow step that was causing the issue) and rebuild from scratch. This solved my issue

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