Issue Checker Turn Off

I’m posting this for others who may not know, and most especially for myself to find again once I forget about this.

I always get annoyed when in development by the issue checker showing an issue for Google API keys not being added.

One way to get around it is to add into the Google API key in your settings is some random value such as 1. This will remove the issue from the issue checker (I do this when I have a lot of issues I want to sort through quickly without getting distracted by the Google API key issue). Do be aware that adding a random value, will remove the geolocation functionality, so any use of search box element for geographic places will not work, neither will saving addresses to DB if the field is a geographic place.

Another way to remove issue checker generally I just learned from Bubble support is to add to the URL of your editor the parameter &issues_off=true

The reason I found out about this, is that the issue checker is flagging what Bubble finds as an issue, but in fact is not, and the function works. This is causing me to not be able to launch live, and support informed me I can use the parameter which will remove the issue checker from editor, which will allow me to deploy to live.

Words of caution from support below:

We do urge you to be very careful when going this route, as this does turn the issue checker fully off and will allow you to push changes with issues to Live, which can lead to misbehavior or downtime in your app. If you do go down this route, I would remove this parameter from your editor URL after deploying to Live with the data to send issues so you are privy to any other issues that may arise.