Issue: circular reference evaluating the input's initial content

Hello community, I have the following question:

I’m using a reusable element with 4 inputs that have different data types, but every time I use it, an error appears on the page: Circular reference evaluating the input’s initial content

I understand that the error means that in the current input we are calling its own value, but I believe that I do not have such a condition anywhere. If you delete the selected condition in the second screenshot, nothing will change

Well. the error is pretty clear… it’s a circular reference…

Your trying to set the initial content when the initial content is not empty (which makes no sense)

You can’t set something’s initial content to its own initial content…

And you can’t set something’s initial content based on whether its own initial content is empty or not.

So you’ve actually got 2 circular references in one here…

It’s not clear what you’re trying to do with that?

You mean the condition in the second screenshot, am I right? But if you remove it, nothing will change in the errors

Well, then you must have another one somewhere else as well.

Isn’t the issue checker showing you what’s causing the issue?

I will record a video within an hour or two where I will show everything in detail

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Here you go: Screen Recording - Oct 6, 2023 - VEED

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