"Issue confirming email" Error ? Although it works?


I am doing a manual verification for my user, because I am using PostMark to send my emails and this includes a verification email.

My process → user signs up → token get created → token sent in email to user → if they go to confirmation page with that generated token in URL, their “Verified” dataset is checked yes.

This works fine, although I always get this error

Even though the user verified turns yes, and it works as function, this error always pops up.

Any idea as to why? Could it be because I disabled the built in Bubble verification box? Will it still do this when the app is deployed?


Anyone know anything about this? It’s still getting the same error. No clue how or why this is happening and nothing is showing up for me on debugger because it is actually making my account verified…

Not sure if this is a nonissue or an actual problem

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