Issue in my app: must choose a 'Choice source' in static multidropdown

When I edit my app, it says I have an issue: I must choose a ‘Choice source’ in a multidropdown with static choices. It’s an element I don’t actually use (it was just inside the template I am using), but I’m trying to understand the issue. And I don’t get why I must choose a ‘Choice source’ if the choices are static… Anyone could help me with it?

Thanks a lot!

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Same bug here…up

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I’m having the same issue.

Did you submit a bug report?

A bug report would be great to help fixing this.

Thanks for taking your time to answer.

I really didn’t know I could make a bug report, or how to do it. Finally, I deleted the multidropdown, because I was not using it and I needed to publish a new version of the site.

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I just did. :slight_smile:

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