Issue Passing Data To Repeating Group

I’m having an issue with my business page.

I’m going to post an image to show what’s happening in the database.

My issue is with the repeating group on my business page. I’m trying to pass a list of users, and display there experience.

My users are opening a popup with text fields and creating a new things called experience. The experience is linked to the business page that was created and to the user.

I’ve tried endless ways to pass the data to the repeating group without any luck.

There are several ways to retrieve the Experience.

Search for Business : first item 's Employees’s : filtered (User Type = Management) 's Experience

Instead of Search for Business : first item , it could be Current page’s Business.

Another way to approach it is have a repeating group of User, and inside the cell, a repeating group of Experience, with Current cell’s User’s Experience.

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