Issue regarding a text element not showing up

Hi guys, I’m trying to build a basic website and then branch out from there but I’ve got an issue. I’m following this video on YT called: ’ In-Depth Tutorial: How to Build ANY Type of App Without Code on Bubble’, and at around the hour and 7 minutes mark, she shows you how to put current user’s email address and current date and time text boxes in a repeating group at the top of the page, acting as a header. When doing what she does and then clicking preview, the date shows but the current user’s email does not. I’ve done this tutorial a few times now and I always get stuck at some point, I know I managed this but on a previous iteration, but this time round it’s become an issue. Any help is appreciated!

P.S I changed the privacy setting on this run because I had an issue with the repeating groups. The groups would only show one email and a bubble user explained tome that it is because I had the privacy settings set to have a rule where it would not allow me to see a list of users. Not sure if that would change anyhting as I simply deleted the rule.


Hi there, @jakkellymusic… me again. :slight_smile:

You’re right… this issue is probably not related to privacy rules if you removed the default rule from the User data type. The problem this time is likely related to a bit of a misunderstanding about what the preview button does.

When you click the preview button, you are previewing the current page, but you are doing so without being logged in as any particular user. So, if there is data on the page that is specific to a user (in this case, the current user’s email address), you won’t see that data in the preview because you are not running the app as any particular user.

To preview the app as a specific user, go to the Data >> App data tab, click on All Users, and click the Run as link beside a specific user. At that point, you will be previewing the current page as that user, and any data on the page that is related to that user should appear.

Hope this helps.


Cheers Mike, saved me again! That has worked but can you explain to me why the woman in the video just pressed the preview button and it worked for her? I think that normally you just click on preview and it shows you as the last user you signed up to the app?

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No problem at all… happy to help! In the video, she probably has a page open already where she is previewing the app as a specific user.

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