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Issue requesting multiple Hubspot properties via API Connector

I want to use the API connector to get multiple properties from my hubspot account (firstname, email, lastname). To achieve this you can add multiple &property= to the GET request. I tested this in Postman and it works just fine and pulls whatever properties I put into the request. However when I add the call into Bubble it only seems to be pulling the last item in the list. I think this may be an issue with having multiple paramters be labeled as “property” so bubble just uses the last one? Any help would be appreciated.

Somewhat stabs in the dark but I have two ideas:

  1. does it work in postman to send the property values as an array instead of multiple &property=? If yes, this might solve your problem.
  2. I have played around with APIs a bunch in bubble, specifically with my own custom APIs and learnt the hard way that bubble is particular as to the format of the API response which may be what is causing it to only pull the last item. As far as I know, there is no good documentation from bubble which describes what API response format works and what doesn’t but from a question I asked the forum a long time ago, there is a little bit of insight here:
    External api evaluates to an api call (not a list) when using api workflow - #5 by paul29

Not sure how much help I’m going to be beyond that without being able to actually play around with it,but in my experience with API’s in bubble, it’s not if you can get it to work but how. Just takes some time and research.

Appreciate the response!!! I was looking around Hubspots documentation (here) and didnt see anything about arrays and I cant get that to work in Postman either. Each property has to be separated as far as I can tell :frowning:


I will keep messing around with the call and see if I can get Bubble to properly send it. Thank you for that article I will go through that and report back if I find anything that works.