Issue with API connector - header change from normal to lower case without notice

Hi everyone
Is someone having issue with header of the API connector
My app was working perfectly for 2 months and starting this morning header of the API call seems not be send.
We are using API connector

Looks like the way api connector send header has been changed
We are investigating

We found it :
Header key is now lower case … X-Client-Source => x-client-source

If someone from Bubble read this post.
How can we now in advance about such changes ?

If this is the case - this is likely going to break many apps :grimacing:
I think if you had 2 minutes to file a bug report that would be a big help to a lot of people.

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The bubble is doing changes randomly. Our whole system paused today because of this issue. API connecter not passing Header value to our API. This is the second time why Bubble doing random changes and it affects us.
And Bubble support on mail is really frustrating. You will get a reply after 3 days.

@bubble @sam.morgan

Help people plz

Hi All -

Please submit bug reports if you have not already. The only way that we can properly investigate potential issues like this is to the have the specific information that we request as part of our bug report form!

@jerome1 Did you get any resolution?

Nop unfortunatelly
We mae change from our side to take bubble change into account
We are lucky, we have access to the API endpoint
Not sure everyone are as lucky as us

@sam.morgan We already submitted the information. But still no response since 1 Dec.

Hi @shikha.negi1 - I just took a look, and our team does have your bug report. It looks like Patrick reached out on Friday, December 2nd letting you know that we’re looking into the details that you provided. Thanks for your continued patience here - our team is getting back from the weekend, and someone will follow up with you via email today.

Just was thinking about this - do you have a load balancer in the mix somewhere converting your headers to lowercase?

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