Issue with Bubble Stripe plugin

Still not working for me either @eve do we have an ETA. I’m in damage control right now and freaking out.

Ditto the frustration. Any response from engineering team as to an expected time to fix this? We haven’t heard from you in over 7 hrs and this is a huge problem for a lot of us. Like major, devastating problem. @eve @emmanuel

Hello all,

We’re aiming for a fix on this before EOD (EST) today; we understand that this is a large issue for a number of you, so I do want to assure you that it is being prioritized.


Mine is working!

Thanks for the support bubble engineering. And for the updates Eve.

Hope the solution and investigation will prevent something like this from happening again.


Hello folks,

The fix for this is live, as noted above! Please do shoot us an email at if you’re still seeing any issues.

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Thank you. It’s working

Hell yes its working again.

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Something is off with the fix. Can’t tell exactly what, but it seems to work slightly different than before. I will investigate more tomorrow. If everyone else can also investigate, will be helpful.

Thank you so much. I hope , here after like this issue will never happen :slight_smile:

The Stripe plugin is working well. The new problem I encountered was due to a new bug that was introduced with the database but it seems that it’s already been reported and resolved. # Default values not set on new things

@eve Now there seems to be a new issue with repeating groups - I’m investigating and will report it shortly.

This error is back. Anyone having similar issues?

Yes, I’m also getting this issue

Yup, same issue here too… anyone with any suggestion?

Hi there,
Did you hear anything about a fix with this plugin error?

Hi everyone, I am also experiencing this bug now. Nothing changed from my side but any stripe action is working in my website.


Please be aware we need this to charge our customers!

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We might need help from @eve or colleagues

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The same problem … When i try to “charge the current user”.

Hi, I had the same issue and I changed Static image and it is working now Stripe v3

Accordind to bubble’s team, it is the dynamic image : you juste have to add :saved to s3
It’s probably because of a google account creation !