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I have a website where user can create account either by their own, or with Facebook.

In both case, I have an issue with the Created Date of my users. Sometimes, when the user is creating his/her account on Wednesday 11:00am, the created date field is Monday 3:00pm (it’s juste an example). But the modified date field is Wednesday 11:00 am !

The problem is I have workflow which depends on the Created account date …

Is there anyone who has already faced this issue ?

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I’m not sure, but my first thought is the date field that shows Monday 3PM is based on your users timezone, but that wouldn’t be the case if in fact they create it on Wednesday 11AM but it shows Monday 3PM.

However, I do believe you are talking about modified date which is different than created date. Created date is when they created the account. Modified date is when some modification on the user type took place, like a change of a data field.

Dates work with info from the user’s browser. And that of course will vary depending where the user is located.

The behaviour that you are describing is on the user data type built-in dates? … created and modified? … Or are you referring to new date fields where you populate them from flow actions?

As I understand it…

When a new user first comes to your app, a temporary user is created in the database, with the created date field set to the time they first visited your app (i.e. when that user was created).

That temporary user is stored for 3 days, so if they return to your app and create an account, that temporary user will now become a ‘Signed Up User’ and the modified date field will be the date they created their account, but the created date will still be the date that the user was created (meaning the time and date they first arrived on your app - assuming it’s not more than 3 days before they signed up).

So it’s possible for a user to first visit your app on Monday at 3pm, and be created as a temporary user in the database with the created date of Monday 3pm.

Then, if they return on Wednesday at 11am and create an account, that user will still have the created date of Monday at 3pm, whereas their modified date will show the time they created their account.

The ‘created date field’ is the date that the thing (in this case a user) was created - NOT the date that a user created an account.

So, if you want to run workflows that reference the actual date/time they signed up and created an account, you’ll need to create a separate field for that.

You can read more about temporary users and signed up users in the Bubble manual:

The User Type - Bubble Manual

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This was very insightful Adam thank you!

Learned a lot.

Thank you @boston85719, @cmarchan and @adamhholmes. It’s very clear to me now !

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