Issue with creating a privacy rule in Bubble: "This Attendee’s X’s Y” can't grant search access right now"

Hello Bubble community,

I’m encountering an issue while creating a privacy rule in Bubble for my web application. In my app, there is an admin user who can create subusers. The goal is to allow the admin user to have access to all clients and proposals created by the subusers.

However, when I try to configure the privacy rule to enable this access, I receive the following alert from Bubble: "This Attendee’s X’s Y” can’t grant search access right now. This alert has left me puzzled about how to resolve this problem.

I would like to understand better what this alert means and how I can work around this limitation so that the admin user can view all the information from the subusers, such as clients and proposals.

Hi there, @rafael9… there are a lot of threads about that limitation of privacy rules, so search the forum, and you can check out this one specifically if you want.


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Thank you very much! @mikeloc

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