Issue with Dynamic Constraints on external API

Contentful (the CMS I use) allows partial searches, which is helpful since my app is a store, so I’ve been trying to set it up in the API connector such that the user’s input in the app search box is used as a constraint on the API search.

I’ve been able to test out a constraint on search and it works.

However, I’m unable to set it up to use the user’s input value. I tried a method suggested here:

my setup is:

With key [2] being the intended dynamic parameter. Whenever I try it, I’m given this error:

Any potential solutions?

Put only the spot where the parameter goes in brackets. So, if normally the endpoint has “keyA”:“valueA”, you’d write “key”:"[keyA]"

The dynamic parameter field would then show up below as:

key= “keyA” (not editable, this pulls from above)
value = “whatever you want” (make sure to uncheck “private” to make it available in workflows/data)

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Thanks for the reply. I tried that too, and it returns the same error unfortunately.

Figured it out. Contentful offers its own constraint parameters and they differ from Bubble’s (and are much easier to put in place). I just had to set it up in the API Connector using their own queries.


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