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Issue with email confirmation showing items selected

I have created a data type called Releases where I plan to store information on updates I make to my app. I plan on sending out email updates with new release information to the subscribed users of my app.

I am using MailerSend right now due to the fact that I can send up to 12,000 emails per month for free. I have chosen a premade template that provides for the structure that I need. (Meaning that it has a dynamic table with an array key and multiple columns)

I am able to pass the email information to MailerSend and generate an email.

The issue that I can’t figure out is how to pass the the selected release information as an array so that I get multiple lines in the table (one line per data set), instead of one line with all of my data as a list.

Here is my current API workflow setup and then the resulting email.


How can I pass an array instead of a list so that I get one line per enhancement?

Thank you.

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