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Issue with formula

Hello there,

I want to calculate the Total Price of that Opcion.

It has to be calculated as (Precio Lente + Precio Armazon) * (100%-Discount%), but I’m having some issues when I try to create the formula:


I cannot add the -discount% part of the formula within the parenthesis.

How can I solve it?


Set a custom state (number) somewhere, with a default value of 1 (assuming your Descuento input has a content format of Percentage)…

Then just use: (Input-Precio armazon's value + Input-Precio lente's value) x (custom state value - Input Descuento's value)

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It worked perfect :slight_smile: Thanksss

Hello Adam…

Is there any possibility to configure autobinding for that formula? That “opcion” is within a RG.